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What is iNetPet ?

iNetPet is a worldwide network that collects clinical data of pets and stores them within the medical standards from the different professionals who care for them throughout their lives, recording all the procedures and treatments they follow. This data is accessible only to professionals accredited from the application by any device connected to the Internet. The data is stored in the Microsoft Azure global servers. The service issues a QR code for each animal, which when viewed through a QR reading application, identifies the pet and its owner can be notified immediately in case of loss.

An integrated system of sanitary control of pets, storing in the cloud all their data.

How does it work ?

Clinic history

Complete medical history and digitized according to the international standards of good practices.

QR Code generation

The QR code is used to identify the pet in case of loss and to track its medical history.

Cloud storage

All patients data are stored on three Microsoft Azure replicant servers of Microsoft Azure around the world.


Basic services

At the reception of pets in veterinary clinics, groomers or pet care centers. Generation of the QR code and the Identification Number (ID) from the registration of the basic data of the pet.

Each pet is assigned a unique and immutable identification number (ID), necessary to continue with the record of the clinical history, to open a new one or to access the clinical history of the pet.

For veterinary clinics, the digitalization of the clinical history begins with the review where it will be consigned the basic data of the patient and the owner.

Regarding the patient's data, it includes species, race, age, sex, weight, particular signals. etc. And administrative data such as the Number (ID), the number of the clinical history, and the data related to the owner, such as: name and surname, address, telephone.

Clinical procedures

Contents of the Clinical History

The Anamnesis that corresponds to the data that the professional obtains from the person responsible for the patient and from the environment in which it was developed. The essential data are listed below: The reason for the consultation, it is important that the record shows a sign ( blood) and not a diagnosis (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) that may have already been made by the owner or another clinician; on the other hand, the patient's history corresponds to the antecedents of different pathologies, own characteristics and ways of life; This segment will record the health history as a vaccination plans used, date of last immunizations and type of vaccines applied, deworming and Coproparasitological analysis. The type of feeding, the reproductive status and allergies frame the physiological anamnesis of the patient. The place of birth and the type of housing are part of the environmental history. And finally the family and surgical history.

The physical examination begins with the measurement of the physiological constants and later the detailed examination by systems. Once the examination is completed, the clinical findings, presumptive diagnosis and differentials obtained from the information obtained and the clinical examination carried out will be detailed.Having thoroughly studied the case, a diagnostic plan is issued, which indicates the complementary procedures that are necessary to reach the final diagnosis and from there establish the therapeutic treatment plan.

Once the clinical history has been completed, the option SAVE must chosen in the case that they should continue recording entries during the treatment, if CLOSE is selected, it will be because the patient is already on discharge, but if by error the CLOSE button is submitted, then tt is important to know that this will remain as a read-only file, as a guarantee of security for the professionals, as it can not be modified.

In the case of groomers and other pet care centers, the QR code will be generated in the same way, and the opening of the History will be selected optional additional procedures such as haircut, normal bath, medicated bath, etc.

iNetPet enables the scheduling of appointments and future procedures, through the use of the Future Appointments App, for the sending of notifications via e-mail or SMS to the owners of the pets, one week and one day, prior to the scheduled procedure.

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