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Because we really care about the well being of your pet

What is iNetPet?

iNetPet is a worldwide network that collects clinical data of pets and stores them within the medical standards from the different professionals who care for them throughout their lives, recording all the procedures and treatments they follow. This data is accessible only to professionals accredited from the application by any device connected to the Internet. The data is stored in the Microsoft Azure global servers. The service issues a QR code for each animal, which when viewed through a QR reading application, identifies the pet and its owner can be notified immediately in case of loss.

An integrated system of sanitary control of pets, storing in the cloud all their data.

  • Pet's owner can store all medical procedures of their pets. You have the control!
  • Vets and groomers can access all previous treatment's histories.
  • Only professionals can create, save and store clinical histories.
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